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Property Portfolio Protection Against Frauds


December 9, 2023

When managing a diverse portfolio of properties, the safety and integrity of investments are paramount.Nowadays, the threat of title fraud and identity impersonation looms large on homeowners and investors: criminals have grown increasingly sophisticated, exploiting vulnerabilities in property records and personal information to perpetrate fraudulent schemes.In this article, we will explore the world of property fraud, the threat of identity impersonation, and, most importantly, how to successfully safeguard your property portfolio against fraudsters.

Understanding Title Fraud and Identity Impersonation


Title fraud, also known as property fraud, takes place when criminals manipulate property records to gain illicit ownership of a property.

Identity impersonation, on the other hand, is a pivotal component of title fraud which involves the fraudulent impersonation of property owners through forged documents and other ploys.


Let’s briefly resume how these schemes operate:

In the case of title fraud, fraudsters exploit vulnerabilities in property records to illegitimately transfer property ownership to themselves. Once in control, they can sell the property, take out loans, or leverage it for their own financial gain - all without the legitimate owner's knowledge or consent.

As for identity Impersonation, criminals can impersonate property owners, falsely listing properties for sale or rent, creating counterfeit companies, or applying for loans in the owner's name.


The repercussions of title fraud and identity impersonation can be severe, even more so when overseeing a large portfolio of properties, which is particularly susceptible to these threats.


Multiple properties mean multiple opportunities for criminals to exploit any weaknesses in property records and personal information.



Why Your Property Portfolio Is at Risk


The imminent risks facing portfolio holders, particularly those managing expansive property portfolios, are more complex and pervasive than ever before.

Yet, many questions remain unanswered: which warning signs should you be aware of? How to understand when it is time to start worrying?


Let's explore the most typical scenarios in which your property portfolio could be at risk:


Unauthorised Listings

Your properties could be listed for sale through online platforms or displayed in the window of an estate agent without your knowledge or consent.

Always keeping a watchful eye on these events is particularly difficult, yet the potential consequences are too detrimental to be ignored: if you fail to notice quickly, this kind of unusual listings can rapidly evolve into full-scale property frauds.


Bogus Rentals

Fraudsters might falsely list one of your properties for rent on popular marketplaces such as Facebook, Airbnb, or Gumtree, potentially luring unsuspecting renters into a scam.

This would not only add confusion, conflicts, and distress to your daily agenda but, most importantly, would represent a hard blow to your professional reputation, and to the overall appeal of the properties involved.


Unauthorised Transactions

Unpleasant as it may be, there are several cases showing that a co-owner may engage in unauthorised property sales or mortgage applications, leaving you in the dark until the damage is done.

It is not always necessary to be ill-intentioned to carry out such deeds: ignorance and malice are two equally important factors in property fraud.


Company Fraud

Criminals may use one or more of your properties addresses to register fraudulent companies on Companies House, potentially implicating you in dangerous and illicit activities.

This contingency is extremely damaging both financially and professionally: these events tend to be sticky and could potentially damage your reputation or undermine the trust your customers have in you.


The common thread in all these scenarios is that you may only become aware of the fraudulent activity once the fraudsters have succeeded, leaving you to deal with the aftermath, including possible confrontations with new property owners, renters, or debt collection agencies acting on behalf of lenders whose bills remain unpaid.


How to Protect Your Property Portfolio with Title Guardian


Title Guardian is a digital tool which provides round-the-clock surveillance and monitoring of your property portfolio and personal information, ensuring that you are promptly alerted to any suspicious activities.


Title Guardian serves as a formidable shield, offering an unprecedented layer of protection for you and your properties. Every day, our platform will monitor your property portfolio, employing a blend of online and offline sources to detect any suspicious activities related to your properties.


This includes:


- Listing for Sale or Rent: Title Guardian scans online listings and offline channels to identify whether your properties have been listed for sale or rent without your authorisation.


- Mortgage Activity: Our tools track any mortgage applications submitted by fraudsters in your name, preventing unauthorised financial transactions related to your properties.


- Company Registrations: Title Guardian monitors Companies House to ensure that your property address is not being used to register fraudulent companies.


- Changes in Title Register: Any applications lodged with HM Land Registry to modify your title register are scrutinised, allowing you to maintain control over your property.


Should the system detect any of these activities, it will immediately issue alerts to notify you of potential threats.



How to Set Up Your Title Guardian Account


Protecting your property portfolio with Title Guardian is a straightforward process able to save your time and money.

To attain complete control over your property portfolio you just need to follow some simple steps:


Quick registration

First thing first, to benefit from the protection offered by Title Guardian, you must register your properties and your identity with the service. Registration is a critical step, as only registered property owners can avail themselves of Title Guardian's vigilant monitoring.

Visit our website or download our app (App Store/Google Play) to start your registration right away.


Select your preferred plan

With Title Guardian, you can protect as many properties as you own. Our system allows you to manage all your properties conveniently through a single, user-friendly dashboard within your account.

We offer an annual subscription fee per property registered to your account: this means that the cost of your subscription is always tailored to the number of properties you register.


Insert your address and verify your identity

Once you insert your address, our platform will be able to verify your identity and ownership thanks to face recognition and property monitoring technologies in no time.

After that, you will just have to confirm your subscription to finally get the powerful ally you need to secure all your properties without effort.


Protecting Your Property Portfolio Today


Don't wait until it's too late to take action.

Register your properties with Title Guardian and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investments are secure. In an era where title fraud and identity impersonation are growing threats, let Title Guardian be your digital bouncer, diligently monitoring and protecting your properties.


Shield your property portfolio against title fraud and identity impersonation.

Safeguard your investments with Title Guardian and embark on a path to a more secure and worry-free property management experience. Don't let the spectre of fraud cast a shadow over your portfolio—take control and protect your properties with Title Guardian.


Protect Your Portfolio