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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Title Guardian and your account can be found here.

What is Title Guardian?

Title Guardian is a 24/7 digital anti-fraud property and identity monitoring tool.

Why your property is at risk!

Today, your property could be listed for sale online with Rightmove or in the window of an estate agent without your knowledge. Your property could be listed for rent on marketplaces such as Facebook, Airbnb or Gumtree.  A spouse or joint owner could be selling your property or applying for a mortgage that you have no knowledge of. Furthermore, a fraudster could be using your property address to register a fraudulent company on Companies House.

You will only become aware to any of this when the fraudster has been successful, having disappeared with the money. Then, there is a knock at your door from the new owners, renters or debt collection agencies on behalf of a lender/s who have not had their bills paid.

How does Title Guardian protect my property?

Every day, we monitor your property address, we check a combination of online and offline sources to identify if your property is being listed for sale, rent, mortgaged by a lender, registered against a company, or if there is any application lodged with HM Land Registry to change your Title Register. If we identify any of these activities, we will alert you. BUT we can only protect your property if you are registered with us.

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How does Title Guardian protect me?

Every day, professionals involved in the house moving process, use our platform to identify if their clients are legitimate. If you are on our database, you will be alerted if anyone is attempting to impersonate your identity. BUT we can only protect you if you are registered with us.

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Who can protect a property?

Only the registered owners of a property can protect it.

Our pricing plans

Subscription plans tailored to your needs

Whether you’re looking to protect a home or a large property portfolio, we’ve got you covered. 

Homeowners: you can protect a single property for only £49.99 a year.
Landlords: Our flexible Portfolio plan lets you protect 3 or more properties for £29.99 per year, per property. Larger portfolios (11+ properties) can be protected for £15.99 per property, per year.

Chat to our team if you’d like to know more.

How do I contact support?

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What if my property is jointly owned?

All owners of a property can each create an account to protect their property. The benefit of all owners’ registering with us, is to protect your interest in the property against any potential fraud from other owners.

How many properties can I protect?

You can protect as many properties as you like, providing you are the legal owner of a property. You can view all of your properties on a single dashboard on your account.

How much does Title Guardian Cost?

We charge an annual subscription fee per property that you register to your account. Depending on how many properties you register you may be eligible for discounted subscription fees.