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Smart Protection
For Your Customers
Smart Protection Against Property-Related Fraud For Your Customers

Industry partners can mitigate risks
and add customer-value by offering
Smart Protection for property-related fraud.

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Industry Partners
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Partnerships for protection

We help providers from across the property industry to protect their customers’ properties.

Talk to our team today about a commercial partnership.

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Law Firms

Conveyancers can unknowingly represent title fraudsters, who have bypassed Safe Harbour identity checks. Title Guardian’s Smart Property Protection helps law firms by alerting their clients at the first sign of suspicious activity, stopping fraudulent property sales.

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Estate Agents

Throughout the property sales process there are points of vulnerability where fraud is possible. Title Guardian supports estate agents by monitoring thousands of digital sources for signs of suspicious activity relating to a homeowner’s identity and property details.

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Letting Agents

Landlords face a range of fraud threats, including property being sub-let or used for unauthorised purposes. Title Guardian helps letting agents by protecting landlord clients through proactive, always-on monitoring of property use, instantly flagging signs of fraud.

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Insurance Providers

Property fraud falls outside the cover of any standard home insurance policy. Title Guardian helps insurance companies mitigate this risk, taking customers’ protection beyond just contents, bricks and mortar to include home ownership too.

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Mortgage Lenders

Lenders must safeguard loan terms with protection from unauthorised rental activity, unapproved occupancy and property misuse. Title Guardian helps mortgage companies gain transparency with 24/7 monitoring of property use.

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Portfolio Managers

Fraud protection of large estates is a significant challenge. Title Guardian helps portfolio managers by providing protection at scale, with bespoke options to cater for the largest, most complex of property portfolios.

Working with Title Guardian

Protect customers’ properties and boost your business with a
Title Guardian partnership.

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Customers Protected

Our straight-forward solution lets your customers switch on protection against property fraud, in minutes.

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Risks Mitigated

Always-on protection prevents you getting inadvertently drawn into fraudulent activities and secures customer relationships.

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Revenues Gained

A commercial partnership offers revenue-sharing opportunities with tailored customer adoption programmes.

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Industry Secured

By partnering with Title Guardian you’re helping to create of a more secure, tech-enabled property market.

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Let’s talk today

Request a call with our team, to learn more about how Title Guardian can help your business.

Together, let’s get your customers protected, and your business boosted.

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