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property fraud news round up

Property-related fraud: News round up


March 21, 2024

Across the property sector, from homeowners and landlords to conveyancers and businesses in a variety of industries, property-related frauds are a growing issue.

In this round up, we highlight some of the cases and property fraud stories that have been making the news recently, that demonstrate the need for property owners and industry providers alike to take action to protect against a range of threats.

Recent cases of property fraud

Title fraud: “Everyone is a target” Forsdike tells Channel 5 investigation

Channel Five's TV investigation 'Scams: Don't Get Caught Out' recently exposed the title fraud risks homeowners and landlords can face.

The programme also revealed there has been a staggering 84% rise in property fraud as recently as 2022.

Stuart Forsdike, advisor at Title Guardian and founding partner at PCS Legal, was interviewed by host Alexis Conran to delve into the mechanics of this crime and highlight the shockingly simple steps required to commit property theft.

Watch the interview.

Companies House frauds: new investigative powers, but the threat remains

The introduction of the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act is welcome progress on the road to modernisation for Companies House.

Caution over the act’s impact is needed though.

As stated by Louise Smyth, Chief Executive of Companies House, the ECCTA won’t necessarily stop fraudulent information getting onto the register.

The Act will, though, enable Companies House to more quickly address and correct fraudulent mis-use of property owners’ details, further emphasising the need for homeowners and landlords to be vigilant and protect their addresses and identities.

Read the full statement.

800 rogue Companies House filings put banks on alert

Meanwhile, banks were put on alert by the banking trade association UK Finance, after 800 rogue Companies House filings were discovered.

The filings related to the discharging of financial liabilities for 190 companies, with fraud or hacking possible causes of the incident.

Read the full Sky News story.

Welsh firm fined for inadvertent role in conveyancing fraud

Regulators found ‘deficiencies with identification documents’ and a lack of proper checks contributed to a law firm in Wales unknowingly facilitating a fraud in a conveyancing transaction.

Read the full story.

Arrest made for unauthorised social housing subletting

An investigation by the City of London Corporation’s fraud team has resulted in the arrest of a tenant who illegally sublet a social housing flat.

Read details of the case.

Get protected from property fraud

Explore the Title Guardian website to discover how our technology protects against the various frauds featured in this news round up.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch or head here to get your property protected.

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